More about ClearCosts

Proportionate. Certain. Clear

What is Clearcosts?

ClearCosts software creates a proportionate, certain and clear costing method for clients.

The innovative software also rewards law firms who are efficient and cost-effective.

Why is ClearCosts necessary?

The Jackson Reforms in 2013 mean that disputes handled by the courts now require accurate and proportionate costs budgets.

However, many cases handled outside court are not subject to the same requirements.

This can lead to disproportionate costs because legal fees charged by the hour generally reward inefficiency.  

How does ClearCosts solve this problem?

Clients use ClearCosts software to calculate a fixed fee for each stage of a dispute.  Clients can therefore be explicit about the amount they are prepared to pay. Law firms then quote accordingly via a competitive tender process.

What is the incentive for lawyers?

More work! Lawyers have to accommodate clients’ requirements if they want the work.  ClearCosts therefore also includes a bonus incentive tool  which rewards commercial outcomes, speed, and efficiency, enabling those firms who outperform to stand out from their competitors.   

How is ClearCosts beneficial for users?

ClearCosts creates a real partnership between client and lawyer.  Clients procure competitively priced legal services.  Lawyers who perform well get repeat business.

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